Duration of a portion of a cut visit (minDuration)

This constraint corresponds to the minimum duration authorising the splitting of one visit into several visits. The visit can be broken down from one day to the next, or at the time of the lunch break. This value is intimately linked to the Visit duration constraint.

Format: HH:MM:SS


Let’s take a visit A, for which the Visit duration is 4h duration, and a visit B of 30 minutes duration. Duration of a portion of a cut visit is equal to 01:00:00 and so all customers for whom the Visit duration is more than 01:00:00 will be splittable into several visits. Visit A will be splittable if need be, but not visit B. The minimum cutting time for each of these visits is defined by the Thereshold duration for cutting visits constraint.

[Warning] Warning

A visit cannot be split into more than 16 blocks.