Visit frequency (frequency)

This constraint allows you to specify that a visit must be performed several times over a period of several days. TourSolver attempts to optimize by balancing as best it can the gaps between visits while also taking the other constraints into account. The frequency does not guarantee absolute respect for the specified periods of time. An indicator showing non-respect for frequency periods in the TourSolver interface informs you of the number of visits that do not fall within the optimum visiting period.

Format: character (1/5)

[Warning] Warning

If this constraint is used, the Worked days constraint defined for resources must have an assigned value.

Example 1:

Visit frequency = 3/5 means that a customer must be visited 3 times in 5 days. TourSolver searches for a solution that respects a gap of 2 days between each visit.

Example 2:

Visit frequency = 3/5* means that a customer must be visited 3 times in 5 days. TourSolver tries to arrange for 3 visits for the same customer to be performed by the same resource. In this case, respecting the gap between 2 visits takes second priority.

Example 3:

Visit frequency = 1/5 means that a customer must be visited 1 times in 5 days. If the constraint Worked days = 1-5, the customer will be visited one times between 1 to 5 days, second times between 6 to 10 days and third times between 11 to 15 days. the constraint Minimum spacing between visits allows you to respect a gap between each visit.