Require all skills to be compatible (allSkillsRequired)

If the Compatibility with the resources constraint is used (and the values are numerous), this constraint allows you to indicate whether only one of the characteristics in the list is required or if the full list of characteristics is required.

Format: binary

If the value = 0, just one skill is required.
If the value = 1, the full list of skills is required.
The default value is equal to 1.

Example 1:

For a customer needing a maintenance intervention related to plumbing AND electricity, indicate "plumbing, electricity". At least one of the resources must then fulfill these 2 skills for the customer to be visited. In this case you should put a value of 1 under the Require all skills to be compatible constraint.


If the Require all skills to be compatible constraint = 0 then both these skills will not have to be fulfilled.