Opening time 1, Closing time 1 (timeWindow[0].beginTime,timeWindow[0].endTime)

These constraints allow you to define a time window over which the visit may be performed. Opening time 1 corresponds to the time from which the visit can be performed. Closing time 1 corresponds to the time after which the visit can no longer be performed. This time window will apply to all days unless Opening days 1 has been defined. In this case, the time window is applied only to this value.

If a time window is not documented for any given visit, the visit can be performed at any time, on any of the Opening days as defined and within the resource’s working time limits. You can define up to 4 different time windows (and their associated days) for each visit.

Format: HH:MM:SS

Example 1:

Opening time 1 = 07:30:00 and Closing time 1 = 11:30:00 define a time window of 4 hours during which the resource can visit the customer.

Example 2:

The customer must receive delivery between 11:00pm and 03:00am. In this case, you need to shift the times (in one direction or the other) so that they are contained in one day, and retrieve the sequencing of the visits to be performed.
Opening time 1 = 19:00:00 and Closing time 1 = 23:00:00 define a time window of 4 hours during which the resource can visit the customer.
After the optimisation has been performed, you will need to shift the series of visiting times again so they fall within the original time window.
This customer has been scheduled for a visit at 09:00pm by TourSolver, however in reality, they will be visited at 01:00am (=23:00:00 + 2 hours).

[Warning] Warning

Windows overlapping several days are not handled: for example, the user cannot use the window that starts at 23:00:00 and finishes at 03:00:00 the following morning without shifting the existing time assignments.

[Tip] Tip

A visit cannot start before the start time. By default, a visit that starts in the time window can continue beyond the end time. If you want a visit to finish before Closing time 1 you will need to activate End visit before closing time.