Lateness tolerance (punctuality)

This value allows you to rate the gravity of late delivery. By default, TourSolver will attempt to avoid any late delivery. It will not be useful to assign an intolerance to late delivery for all visits, it will be preferable to work with differences between tolerances.

Format: numeric (value between 1 and 5 inclusive.)

A value for tolerance set to 1 corresponds to a null Penalty per late hour, that is to say that the visit can be performed late. Conversely, a tolerance value set at 2 or more obliges TourSolver to avoid late arrival at the visit, as far as this is possible. Visits having a tolerance value set at 5 will be less at risk of being performed late than visits for whom the tolerance value is set to 2.

Tolerance is respected by a resource when they arrive at the visit within the time window defined, and not if they finish the visit within this time interval (unless the End visit before closing time constraint has been activated).


This constraint is best described by an image showing a tolerance cursor on a slider.