Quantity (quantity[0])

This value represents the quantity to deliver or collect. The user sets the units for the quantity (kilos, m3, litres…) and ensures coherence with the Vehicle capacity constraint.

Format: number

Possible values for this constraint range from 0 to 2147483. TourSolver does not recognise more than 3 significant figures after the comma.


In the case of a parcel delivery, indicate the number of parcels to deliver (3 for 3 parcels), in the case of liquid goods, indicate the number of litres (3000 for 3000 litres), and in the case of heavy duty packaging, it is the volume that is indicated (2 for 2m3).

[Warning] Warning

A visit can only be serviced by a single, unique resource. A visit cannot be fulfilled by several resources, the combined respective capacities of whom might satisfy the visit criteria. So this means that a visit, for which a Quantity constraint exceeds the corresponding maximum Vehicle capacity constraint as defined for resources is considered to be impossible and is not taken into account in the resolution of the problem. To work around this problem, the user may break the visit down into several visits.