Work time (workStartTime,workEndTime)

These constraints allow you to define a time window in which the resource can work. The time at which the resource starts and stops to work.

This time window will be applied to all days, except if Worked days is defined. In this case the time window is applied only to this value.

The user can define up to 4 different time windows (and their associated days) for each resource.

Format: HH:MM

Example 1:

07:30 to 11:30 means that the resource starts to work at 07:30am and returns at 11:30am at the latest.

Example 2:

The resource works between 11:00pm and 03:00am in the morning. In this case, you need to shift all the times recorded (in one direction or the other) so that they are all contained in one day, and retrieve the sequencing of the visits to be performed. 19:00 to 23:00 define a time window of 4 hours during which the resource can work. Following optimisation, you will need to shift all the times recorded for visits again to restore the original time window. If the customer has been planned by TourSolver at 09:00pm, in reality that customer will be visited at 01:00am (=23:00 plus 2 hours).

[Warning] Warning

Time windows that overlap several days are not handled. The user cannot use any time window starting at 23:00 and ending at 03:00 the following day without shifting the times overall.