Type (type)

This constraint allows you to indicate if the visit concerns a delivery/drop-off or a return/collection/pick-up.

Format: binary

If the value = 0, the route is in delivery mode;
If the value = 1, the route is in collect mode;
If the value = 2, the route is in delivery mode to be executed before any collection can take place.

Example 1:

a delivery route (Type = 0)


Example 2:

a collection route (Type = 1)


Example 3:

a delivery route (Type = 0 / collection (Type = 1)


Example 4:

a sequenced delivery route (Type = 2) / collection (Type = 1)

[Tip] Tip

For a single visit, one delivery and one collection can be performed. In this case you must duplicate the visit line, modify the type, and if need be the quantity (to deliver or collect).